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Anna | Creative Director

Anna graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and then launched into a career in tech for a couple of decades. After working a number of seasons in Antarctica, she and her husband settled in Christchurch.

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Elise | Lead Artist & Host

Elise has been working at Paint ‘n’ Sip for the past 3 years alongside studying a degree in Fine Arts and a diploma in Graphic Design. Upon completion of her studies, Elise now devotes her time to the studio and creating her own artistic content.

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Brie | Artist & Host

My name is Brie! I'm an artist, a tramper, a bookworm, a cyclist and a boogie-boarder. I currently practice printmaking and painting, and I love being outdoors.

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Hannah | Artist & Host

Since leaving the University of Fine Arts in Christchurch, Hannah has continued with her passion for drawing by doing pet portraits for friends and painting in her spare time. She also has a great love for the music and film industry so don't be surprised if you catch her dancing...

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Lucy | Artist

My name is Lucy! I'm an artist who loves food, films, making music playlists and wearing flowy dresses. I'm currently studying film but practice painting and photography too!

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